Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml – Premium Quality Cold-Pressed Oil for Skin and Hair

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Nourish and protect your skin and hair with our Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This premium cold-pressed oil is rich in antioxidants and moisturizing properties, leaving your skin soft and your hair shiny. Elevate your beauty routine with this versatile and high-quality oil.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Product Description: Extra Virgin Olive Oil is unrefined. It may have 1% of Oleic Acid and golden-green—bitter or full Olive tastes in flavor due to the naturality of the product. There are no chemicals or other additives. We assure you 100% natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory properties.

How to use – As mentioned in the label.

Color of the product – Golden-green color

What are the uses of Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Generally, extra virgin olive oil is rich in fatty acid, vitamin E, and vitamin K. It is one of the primary sources of monounsaturated fatty acid. So, it brings you a bundle of benefits for a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the primary uses of extra virgin olive oil, Anti-inflammatory properties, benefit for skin and hair health, healthy dieting ingredients for diabetes, protection from cardiovascular diseases attached to diabetes, treatment for high blood pressure, lowers blood cholesterol levels, helps to improve digestion, delay the aging process, renowned herbal medicine for osteoporosis and finally, all the above enhance and facilitate to lose weight. Let’s now talk about the vital factors of virgin olive oil.

The anti-inflammatory action of extra virgin olive oil

A natural ingredient called phenol offers anti-inflammatory properties in Olive oil. Hence, extra pure olive oil can relieve pain, reduce swelling, reduce redness, and give overall anti-inflammatory action.

Beneficial for skin and hair health

Extra virgin olive oil has Vitamin E, which provides antioxidant action for healthier skin and hair. Toxins-free, glowing, and young-looking skin will always boost your confidence; Olive oil is potent and offers these demanding factors to you.

Extra virgin olive oil for diabetic patients

Olive has a meager amount of saturated fatty acid. Additionally, the olive has a low amount of bad or LDL cholesterol. So, an olive-rich diet would be an excellent addition for diabetic patients.

Protection from cardiovascular diseases

Extra virgin olive oil has 70% monounsaturated fatty acid that will reduce cholesterol load within the blood vessels. Extra pure olive oil helps you lose weight. Due to olive oil’s monounsaturated fatty acid content, weight gain is low and slow. Further, the antioxidant property gifts an oxidative stress-free healthy lifestyle for people who use them.


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