Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Powder 70g – A Flavorful Spice for Culinary Delights

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Experience the true essence of Ceylon cinnamon with our high-quality True Ceylon Cinnamon Powder. This authentic spice adds a burst of delightful flavour to your culinary creations. Sourced from the finest Ceylon cinnamon bark, our powder is known for its distinct aroma and sweet, mild taste. Elevate your dishes with this premium spice, whether baking delectable treats or preparing savoury delights. With its natural and pure form, our True Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is a healthy and flavorful choice for your kitchen. Unlock the exquisite taste of this beloved spice and bring a touch of culinary magic to your meals.

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Product Description: Ceylon Cinnamon Powder contains pure cinnamon extract. It does not have any toxic substance as a preservative or a colourant.

How to Use – Add a teaspoon of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder to your curries. Cinnamon tea is also a very famous drink that you can prepare. Just add a small amount of Ceylon Cinnamon Powder and make a drink. You can add a few teaspoons of Cinnamon to the face packs too.

Colour of the product: Ceylon Cinnamon Powder has its natural colour.

What are the benefits of Cinnamon?

Two types of cinnamons are available in the world, Ceylon and Cassia. The Cinnamon available in tropical regions is known to be Ceylon Cinnamon. It is a spice having a distinctive smell. Cinnamon is more prevalent in various food, including curries, desserts, and drinks. Cinnamon has lots of benefits for the human body. It is rich in manganese, polyphenol, antioxidants, calcium, and fibre. Thus, it also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria inside our bodies. Cinnamon has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. It acts as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory product.

If you have problems related to blood pressure, then Cinnamon will help to control it. Additionally, Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is a medicine for diabetes and heart diseases. It is also a medicine for gastrointestinal problems.

How Cinnamon contributes to the health of your skin?

Now, many beauty products contain Cinnamon as their main ingredient. You can get beautiful and glowing skin using this spice. Cinnamon has exfoliating properties. A scrub from it can remove dead skin and offer you smooth skin. The anti-fungal property of Cinnamon is the best solution for acne problems. It helps to avoid acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, and marks on your face. Moreover, the skin whitening properties offer you a radiant complexion.

Thin lips are a common problem for girls. Cinnamon helps to get rid of this problem. A mixture of Vaseline with Cinnamon can make plump lips. Don’t apply Cinnamon directly to the skin. Though you’re mixing it with other substances, it is better to do a patch test.


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