Pure Licorice Root Powder 100g – Organic Herbal Extract for Natural Wellness

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Unlock the potential of pure licorice root powder, an organic herbal extract that promotes natural wellness and enhances your skin’s radiance. With its soothing properties and potential digestive support, licorice root powder has been valued for centuries. Incorporate it into your routine for potential respiratory health benefits and to support a healthy immune system. Experience the natural allure of liquorice root and its potential therapeutic properties for a healthier body and vibrant skin.

Organic Licorice Powder

Product Description: We use Licorice roots to make licorice powder. It does not contain any artificial ingredient as a colourant or preservative. This product contains only naturally extracted licorice powder. 

How to use – You can use this product twice a week. Make a face mask or a face pack, and add a few tablespoons of licorice powder. You can customize a face pack by mixing licorice with other preferred components. 

Colour of the product: We don’t add any artificial ingredients to obtain colour in licorice powder. So it has the natural colour of licorice extract.  

How to get rid of hyperpigmentation using licorice powder?

The production of excessive melanin is the reason for the patchy appearance of the skin. It is called hyperpigmentation. You can avoid this situation using licorice root powder. As a result of that, you will get a clear and even skin tone free from dark spots after using this product. 

How licorice powder protects your skin?

Licorice powder is a very famous beauty product. It has so many benefits for the health of your skin. Glabridin, which is an active compound in licorice has skin-lightening properties. So, It minimizes the production of tyrosinase. This enzyme makes your skin

darker when exposed to sunlight. Thus, Licorice is the definite ingredient in most of sunscreens.  Licorice powder protects your skin from UVB rays. So you won’t get pigmentations on the skin. You can get a fair complexion through the regular use of this natural product. 

Importantly, Licorice powder has anti-ageing properties. You won’t undergo premature ageing too. The licorice will offer good results to drive away skin diseases like acne, melasma, eczema, and rosacea. 

How to use Licorice Powder?

Licorice powder helps to eliminate itchy and irritated skin. Dark spots in your skin also get vanish through the regular use of Licorice powder. You can make face packs and masks using licorice. Further, getting glowing skin is not much difficult through the frequent use of licorice powder.  Licorice powder is used in many topical gels, face masks, face washes, face creams, and various other beauty products. So, try it yourself and obtain the benefits of nature gifted ingredient


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