Handmade Cinnamon and Avocado Soap 100g – Natural Nourishment for Skin (Copy)

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Introducing our Nourishing Cinnamon Avocado Soap! This handmade soap is a natural beauty solution for acne-free skin. The main ingredient, cinnamon bark essential oil, has powerful antiseptic properties, while avocado oil hydrates and moisturizes the skin. This soap also offers other benefits like calming the skin, alleviating stiffness, and nourishing the skin. It contains no harmful ingredients, making it safe for use. Try our Nourishing Cinnamon Avocado Soap now and experience the difference! Buy it now for healthy and radiant skin.

Cinnamon and Avocado Soap

Product Description:

Indulge in the natural nourishment of our Cinnamon and Avocado Soap, a blissful blend crafted to enhance your beauty and combat acne. Infused with antiseptic cinnamon bark essential oil, this soap combines the goodness of extra virgin olive oil, organic virgin coconut oil, pure avocado oil, castor oil, glycerin, and natural Ceylon cinnamon. Treat yourself to this exquisite beauty product.

How to Use:

Use the Cinnamon and Avocado Soap, like any other soap, at least twice daily for best results.


The soap contains no artificial colourants; its colour comes from natural ingredients.


Our Cinnamon and Avocado Soap is your ultimate solution for acne-prone skin. The essential oil of cinnamon bark acts as a powerful antiseptic, combating acne, rashes, and infections, regardless of skin type. Avocado oil’s nourishing fatty acids hydrate and moisturize, protecting your skin from damage.

Additional Benefits:

This soap’s natural ingredients soothe the skin and alleviate muscle and joint stiffness and pain. The essential oils promote skin tone, slow down signs of ageing, and provide overall skin nourishment.


While our soap is free from harmful ingredients, conducting a patch test before use is essential, as essential oils may cause infrequent allergies.


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